Journal of Basic Education College
مجلة كلية التربية الاساسية

A Journal specialized in educational and human sciences issued by the College of Basic Education / University of Babylon, it was established in 2009, its ISSN is 2304-3717 and its ISSN online is 2312-8003, and has the registration number in the bookstore and documents in Baghdad 1309 For the year 2009, and is administratively linked to the College of Basic Education / University of Babylon. The journal is published in Arabic and English according to the nature of the research, provided that each research is accompanied by a full abstract in both Arabic and English. The journal is refereed according to the scientific standards of the recognized universities. The magazine is issued quarterly, four times a year. The Journal of the College of Basic Education for Educational Sciences and Humanity / University of Babylon seeks to find the right place and brilliant between the specialized journals, and this comes through interest in the research selected for publication in the magazine, as well as accuracy in the work, and we give the correct scientific methodology for each specialization of great interest, The editorial and consultative status of scientific and professional taking into account the diversity of both inside and outside Iraq, as well as the type of arbitrators serious in the promotion of scientific research, regularity of the issuance and accuracy of the output


The topics of the journal are

 linguistic and humanistic research, educational psychology and teaching methods, social research.

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