Policies and conditions of publication

1- The research should be academic, and the conditions of scientific research shall be based on the scientific and methodological principles that are common in the writing of academic research.

2- Research pages should not exceed (25) pages, printed in 14 font size, font type used is Simplified Arabic, and Times New Roman font for English.

3- The title of the research, the name of the researcher, his place of work, the abstract and the key words shall be written in both Arabic and English clearly.

4- Tables and shapes should preferably be included in the correct places, including the necessary headings and illustrations, and the dimensions of the forms and tables should not exceed the page size (11 cm).

5- The Research shall be proven by mentioning: the full name of the author, the title of the book, the name of the investigator or the translator, if any, and then the edition number, if any. , Then the name of the printing press and then the place of printing, then the year of printing, then the part if found, then the page.

6- When using journals as references to the research: mention: the name of the author of the article in full, the title of the article, then the name of the magazine and followed by a line, then the volume number if any, then the issue number, then the date of issue, then the number of pages.

7- Margins are automatically inserted.

8- The research has not been published or published in any other place.

9- The journal reserves the right to publish the research and highlight its titles in proportion to its publishing style.

10- The researchs should be sent to the title of the journal: University of Babylon / College of Basic Education / College Journal, or to the email : mcbe_babylon@yahoo.com.

11- Publication fees for the teacher and below 40000 Iraqi dinars, for Assistant Professor 60000 Iraqi dinars, for Professor 75000 Iraqi dinars, and for non-Iraqis 100 USD.

12- The researcher pays an amount of one thousand Iraqi dinars for each additional page more than 25 pages. to.

13- Copyrights are reserved to the journal of basic education college


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